Father John Molina - November 19th, 2017

Reflection – Pastor’s Note: 

With one hand in the tradition of the Church and other one in the ideal parish community, we could work together as People of God. If we want our parish to be a concrete sign of the presence of Christ in our community, we have to develop a missionary dimension. In our society there are many which have never heard the Gospel of Christ. We are aware that many Catholics no longer practice their faith. They are baptized but are insufficiently evangelized. We, more than ever need to be able to hear and offer a fresh proclamation of the Gospel. This proclamation is not done from the pulpit; it is done by willingly stepping out into the neighbourhood and into the wider society. Be more visible in the midst of the everyday journey of our people. We need then to transform the inner and external face of our parish. What can we do to become more visible in our community? 

Father George Palamattam CMI